The Malaysian Regional Programme (MRP) is part of the Asian Experts Programme (AXP) under chairperson Datuk Paddy Bowie OBE.

This global professional and business networking forum allows members to interact with notable leaders in industry, commercial directors, senior government officials, socio-economic and political analysts and other experts.

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March & April 2018 Highlights

By Maria Townsend 09/04/2018
March and April were incredibly busy months at Paddy Schubert Consultants Sdn Bhd.  Much of our time was spent organising a one-day workshop for Forest Technology Systems (FTS) Inc, in collaboration with the Malaysian Meteorological Department (MetMalaysia).

FTS Inc., based in Victoria, British Columbia. FTS is a leading manufacturer of remote environmental monitoring solutions including systems that predict fires, floods, hurricanes, typhoons and other forms of extreme weather.  The company has a wealth of experience and expertise in extreme weather since its inception in 1980. The company’s equipment comprises the single largest fire-weather monitoring network in the world.

Mr Alan DeCiantis and Mr Jaime Bartlett flew in from Canada to lead an info-share day with delegates from MetMalaysia, the Malaysian Department of Drainage and Irrigation, the Malaysian Department of Environment, and the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI). 

The session was incredibly informative and beneficial to all involved.  FTS discussed the Canadian approach to Meteorology, where much of the Malaysian (and ASEAN) methodologies originated from, and advances in technology that helped to improve this process.  The latter part of the day was interactive and largely covered hydrological issues. 

The feedback from the session was extremely positive by all involved, and we look forward to future collaborations with MetMalaysia.

In addition to this one-day workshop, Mr Alan DeCiantis also kindly gave his time to be our guest speaker at our luncheon as part of our series for the Malaysia Regional Programme.  Alan himself comes from an engineering background.  He received his Bachelor of Chemical Engineering at Ontario’s McMaster University in 1997. In 2002, he was registered as a Professional Engineer with the PEO (a regulatory body that licenses professional engineers in Ontario), and was certified as a project management professional.  As Director of Product at FTS, Mr. DeCiantis has been appointed as the HMEI (the Association of Hydro-Meteorological Equipment Industry) representative to the World Meteorological Organisation HydroHub Advisory Council.

The local climate in Malaysia is equatorial, characterised by its dry season, and monsoon.  With the weather becoming increasingly intense, Malaysia now faces hotter, drier temperatures at one extreme, and storms and flooding at the other.  The droughts, fires and haze brought about by El Nino, and the terrible flooding from the monsoon, bringing about above average rainfall affecting the whole country, but in particular dehousing those in the East Coast, East Malaysia and Penang. 

Alan, with his expertise, talked through the issues faced by the country as he discussed “Extreme weather; A perspective on Malaysia”.  He discussed at length the economical impact; the global weather-related disaster losses as a proportion of global GDP, which from 1990 – 2017 was very slowly decreased.  The effects of economic losses from high income to low income economies was astounding with a difference of 0.2% for the former, and up to 5% for the latter.  Alan also discussed Malaysia’s risk profile and annual risk exposure of which flooding is estimated to affect 15% of the population and a total damages of USD 235M.

Alan introduced new teachnology and mitigation methods, including the internet of things which can reduce the effect of losses.